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Object Software Ontwikkeling (OSO) has been involved with systems to manage tools and equipment since 1990. The current 32-bit Windows version is based on experience we have with equipment management systems in general and the Fokker Aircraft Tool Management Systems (BAG) in particular. This 32 bit-Windows Tool Management System has been redesigned from the ground up in 1999 to replace the old non year 2000 compliant DOS (not developed nor supported by OSO) ProTool system with old barcode readers at the Rotterdam Refinery of Esso Benelux. The current version of TMS is now being used by several ExxonMobil sites in the Benelux, the UK and Norway and is also in use at other customers.


Release 2.xx changes

  • Release 2.90 build 205, Januari 2018

    • New modern and adaptable look of TMS by using skins (WindowàStyle).
    • Improved options to restructure TMS: delete and Merge Product Groups, Products, Departments and Employees to restructure your TMS site.
    • Added searchbox to all listviews to Search for productcodes, descriptions, serials etc… and find items where item price or total value is less than, greater than or between a given range.
    • Added option to search for text in notes in the TMS global searchbox
    • Attachements (files and links) can be added to Products, Items and Employees.
    • Lend or issue tools directly from the Stock toolbar (drag and drop still supported)
    • Drag and drop tools from all relevant management screens.
    • Improved Department, ProductGroup and Employee Function management screens
    • Improved Product and Employee management screens with extra selection options
    • Improved and simplified dialog when moving tools.
    • Improved ‘Delete History’ functionality
    • Improved TMS event log functionality plus improved speed (~5x faster)
    • Added and improved reports
    • Improved site selector where an end-user easily can connect to a TMS database.
    • Windows 10 compatible (tested up to Windows 10 release 1804)
    • MS SQL Server 2008 and up compatible (tested up to SQL server 2017)
    • SQL server host can be placed in a different time zone than where TMS is actually used (global hosting)
    • Increased modular approach to fulfil future changes with less impact
    • Reporting based on Crystal Reports (version 11R2 or 2013) with separate report-files (allows for integrated custom reports)
    • Configurable standard roll-out of settings, add-ons, custom reports etc…
    • Export and Import of settings to easily move a TMS configuration from one PC to another (for non-shared settings)
    • TMS listviews can be limited to a maximum number of lines (default 500) to improve speed, while users can request to view all.
    • support for serial (RS-232) barcodereader data transfers (no additional components required)
  • Release 2.80 build 176, March 2013

    • LAN/WLAN support for Datalogic Windows CE based barcodereaders. Barcode readers can now sync periodically or on demand via a LAN or Wireless LAN connection.
    • Warning on the barcode reader when scanning a tool that is due for inspection.
    • Dropped old ProTool compatibility when processing scanned items.
    • Minor improvements and fixes.

  • Release 2.70 build 170, June 2011

    • Support for new range of Datalogic Windows CE based barcodereaders to replace the old Formula series.
    • Improved performance on barcodereader datatransfer i.e. faster data exchange (also for Formula readers).
    • SQL2008 R2 compatible.
    • Use internal labelprinter (barcode) printer fonts under Windows 7.
    • Improved barcode and text positioning on labelprinter.

  • Release 2.61 build 153 (nov.2007) … 2.64 build 166, October 2010

    • OSO Remote Support over encrypted connection and with extra access security (can be disabled).
    • Windows 7 compatible (both x86 and x64).
    • SQL2005/SQL2008 compatible.
    • Dropped SQL-DMO/SMO functions to simplify SQL data acccess.
    • Removal of the local backup function based on SQL-DMO (add-on replaces this functionality).
    • Improved SQL Query Window for support purposes.
    • Various (25+) minor improvements and fixes.

  • Release 2.60 build 152, 1/11/2007

    • Attachments: store multiple files or links for documentation and manuals (per product and per item)
    • TMS log; A optionally filtered tree representation of the TMS history where events are shown per date/time.
    • Show statistical information of a product/item (no. of lends, damages etc)
    • Open a selectable external Crystal Report file (.rpt) designed for TMS. Client or site specific reports can now easily be added to TMS.
    • improved: Find item can also search in product and item notes.
    • improved: The file menu and central toolbar now always puts the selected screen in the foreground iso toggle the selected function on or off.

  • Release 2.51 build 145, 1/1/2007

    • Windows Vista compatible (both x86 and x64).
    • Improved support for Terminal Server.
    • TMS site selector; user can link to a TMS site at startup or change site from within TMS.
    • TMS can now be started more than once on a single PC but only one session for each site.
    • Switched to Crystal Reports as report manager for improved reporting capabilities.
    • Text note per product and per item.
    • Various improvements to database, screens and reports.

  • Release 2.20 build 97, 1/8/2006

    • Edit item; The date the item is created is shown and the Last Inspection Date can now manually be changed.
    • Edit item; Added option to change the CompanyNr
    • Memo of non-operational items is now also shown in other and history quick view screens
    • increased the width of the company# field in reports to accomodate the long Electrabel codes
    • fix: jump from find window to non-operational item failed in some cases
    • fix: rare freeze of the Itembag when the buttonstrip is shorter than the number of buttons and the window itself is moved partly off screen.
    • Added option to print new barcode(s) after change of CompanyNr, EmployeeID or ProductCode
    • Added option to change the DepartmentID, FunctionID and ProductGroupID
    • improved: lookup of last owner for returned serialized items in import/process barcode records process
    • improved: date selection on reports now includes 'to date'
    • various minor fixes and improvements.

  • Release 2.19 build 91, 1/2/2006

    • Added: function to change the storage location for a number of items at once
    • Added: Find item function, search for CompanyNr now also searches SerialNr
    • Added: SerialNr permanently shown in all 'Manage->... overview' forms (previously only as tooltip under CompanyNr).
    • Improved autocomplete function in forms with the StorageLocation field.
    • fix?: F1 - help key failed in some rare cases
    • fix: fmProductList, copy product failed.
    • Employee list; first 50 chars of employee note is available as tooltip.
    • ProductItems per storage location overview; left panel with storage locations is incomplete.
    • Process itembag; a return of a serialized product is automatically booked from the last owner.
      But when the current owner is 'STOCK', i.e. the item not is lend, it was booked as a lend by STOCK.
      This handling is now improved and the return fails with the '... doesn't own item' message.
      This also applies for non-serialized products which are automatically booked from the first person
      who has lend the equal or more number of items (excluding stock).
    • fix: drag n drop on issued items overview in summarized mode rejected selected employee.
    • fix: fmEmployeeEdit, employee edit didn't show memo (info).

  • Release 2.18 build 88, 1/12/2005

    • Employee, Product and Supplier overviews based on OSOSQLLV (sorting, usage of colors etc).
    • Improved 'find' function in Employee, Product and Supplier overviews.
    • Improved usage of tooltips in listviews (in overview screens etc)
    • Show tools of selected employee from employee overview
    • After 'add to stock' the lends screen will jump to the item just added for improved feedback.
      (previously this screen just refreshed)
    • bugfix: ProductItemList; selection of '(all)' didn't show all items in storage locations
    • 'Special barcode transaction handling' configuration option. Introduced for Electrabel to improve the handling of existing toolroom labels. The Electrabel option assumes that all ProductCodes are unique companynrs. Consequently old - previously automatic - ExxonMobil BNL RR label handling is now made optional too.
    • bugfix: Quickview 'other', jump to non-serialized non-operational item (damaged etc) failed (did not select item).
    • Change of Supplier ID enabled
    • Change of ProductCode enabled
    • New historical and statistical reports:
      - report 'Items never lent' (actually below threshold and within date range)
      - report 'products never issued' ( " " )
      - report 'Top 100 of lent products' (within date range)
      - report 'Top 100 of lending employees' ( " " )
      - report 'Top 100 of issued products'
      - report 'Top 100 of employees with issued items'
      - report 'Top 100 of damaged products'
      - report 'Top 100 of employees with damaged items'
      - report 'Top 100 of missing products'
      - report 'Top 100 of employees with missing items'
      - report 'Top 100 of repaired products'
      - report 'Top 100 of discarded products'
    • Improvements of the 'Add to Stock' screen (storage location auto complete etc.)

  • Release 2.17 build 87, 1/8/2005

    • When out of licenses TMS will show the workstations running TMS.
    • Corrected problem in SQL server availability routine when SQL is running on Windows Server 2003 SP1
    • Corrected problem with Window->AutoOrganize function
    • Corrected problem in the Orderlist report + layout changes
    • Help (F1) now calls TMS.pdf iso TMS.chm (v2 helpfile)
    • various improvements and layout corrections (lost track)

  • Release 2.16 build 84, 1/4/2005

    • The lend time of overdue items in the lends overview are now colored red
    • added 'Add items to stock' in Edit menu.
    • When an Employee or Product has a history the delete action will offer to deactivate instead.
    • fix: /ini commandline didn't accept multiple spaces between ini and configfile
    • fix: some minor flaws in the add to stock screen
    • Delete history now optionally deletes non serialized issued items
    • /SetDefaults commandline; reset value NumEmployeeLen to 6 in AppConfig
    • fmEmployeeEdit; changed 'Retired' button to 'Deactivate'
    • fmProductEdit; changed 'Phased out' button to 'Deactivate'
    • fmEditItemPrice; improved with TcNumEdit and adapted options
    • AppLib:ParseFormulaData() + fmToolBag; toolbag error for transactions from/to Deactivated employees
    • fmFindItem; searching for productcode and companynr improved (not only from start)
    • p_ProcessItemBagItem; increase of amount (type 7) of productitems logged when using the FORCE command.

  • Release 2.15 build 80, 15/12/2004

    • rptDueCheckItems; storage location added (VAllSerializedItems, VDueCheckItems)
    • added logging of item additions (EM request); ItemNOK type 7 + report
    • Error on right mouse click on item when switched between fmItemsIssued or fmProductItemlist to the lending or stock overview + possibly erroneous display of popup menu
    • Return of Missing, Inspected and repaired serialized items directly to Issueowner or cluster iso STOCK
    • RptDueInspectedItems; Storage location added expanding Inspection to clusters items and issued
    • improved TimeStr display in ItemQuickview history
    • Sortorder for date and numeric fields now no longer in character order but date/num order.
    • fmFindItem; improved ProductCode display in results
    • fmItemQuickView; enter key now triggers (is equal to) double-click
    • Extra information to an e-mail support message added like @@version and MDAC version
    • rptClusterContent did not have a sortorder; now set to ProductCode, CompanyNr

  • Release 2.14 build 76, 11/11/2004

    • Added Find Item screen and jump technique to search for items and jump from one item to another
    • Bug fix: Currency symbol now properly displayed on all reports
    • Ability to move an item straight from Issue to Lend and back (with proper logging)
    • Edit Add-Ons in Configuration screen
    • Print Storage location on barcode labels
    • some bug fixes

  • Release 2.13 build 74, 15/10/2004

    • New Report 'Cluster that are due'
    • addition of TMS Add-Ons under 'Extra' via TMSAddOn.INI.
    • direct link to http://tms.objectso.nl website under help menu
    • e-mail support request via mail with TMS and Windows info implemented

  • Release 2.12 build 70, 1/10/2004

    • New Reports added
    • Some minor bug fixes

  • Release 2.11 build 65, 1/6/2004

    • ProductItemList has been redesigned to Items per StorageLocation
    • Duration representation adjusted (D H M)
    • Improved numeric entry control implemented (TcNumEdit).
    • Some minor bug fixes

  • Release 2.00..2.10, jan. thru apr. 2004 major revision of TMS

    • Implemented OSOSQLLV lists where possible (all but Employee, Product and Supplier screens).
    • New products (iso only items) can now transparently be added in 'Add to Stock' screen.
    • Adjustable splits added to all manage screens
    • Storage Location added to items
    • Tool Clusters implemented (NedTrain)
    • bugfix: override of stop from lends where the stock is 0 not possible
    • Improved handling of itembag errors and improved suggest solution screens
    • Added barcode data junk filter to the itembag
    • Added ItemCheck screens + report (NedTrain)
    • Added Retention of ItemNOK and logging data
    • Changes to the way global settings are stored
    • Rename of an EmployeeID enabled (replaces EmpRename add-on)
    • Improved Edit of Item information like price and storage location
    • Lots of new reports and possibilities and improved user interface
    • Various technical improvements such as starting different TMS databases via the /INI parameter, support of UDL files etc...

Release 1.xx changesTMS version 1 (click to zoom in)




  • Release 1.30, dec.2003

    • Implemented the 'unique' serial number concept while keeping the product/serial concept intact.
    • Convert TGUIS id's to TGUID

  • Release 1.23 build 48, march 2003

    • Implemented OSOSQLLV lists in stock and lending item lists
    • Bug fix: Orderlist doesn't show products of which the stock is exactly 0 (it does show products which have a stock below threshold)
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Release 1.22 build 34, sept. 2002

    • Registration and activation method v2 implemented which supports the usage count.
    • Added the Productitemlist screen which displays all items per product group regardless the status

  • Release 1.20..1.21, aug. 2002

    • Added the Issue items feature (for ExxonMobil Safety Shop RR)
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Release 1.10 build 16, august 2001

    • Various reports and screens added
    • Some minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Release 1.00..1.03 (build 11), jan. 2000

    • december 1999 the first 32 bit version with barcode support in production at Esso Rotterdam Refinery toolroom.
    • late 1999 v1.00 beta released, tested and old data converted.

Previous versions (DOS and 16 bit windows)

  • GBS 1.0 for Windows 3.1 (pilot)
    In early 1995 Object Software developed a simple Windows based Gereedschap Beheer System (=Tool Management System in Dutch) pilot to investigate the replacement of the DOS based BAG v3 written in Dataflex 2.3 with a Windows 3.1 version. The use of barcode readers was also investigated as part of the project. Due to the bankruptcy of Fokker Aircraft in December 1995 this 16-bit Windows version of GBS has never outgrown its investigative stage.

  • BAG for DOS
    In 1990 René and a colleague were hired to solve some major performance issues and add new functionality to a, by Fokker Aircraft, internally developed Beheer Administratie Gereedschap (=~ Tool Management System in Dutch) BAG written in Dataflex. This system was then completely redesigned in Dataflex 2.3 enriched with C routines to accommodate all new functionality wishes and, most importantly, solve the performance problems of BAG. The hand-out of a new tool cluster to a employee took about 5 minutes in the old BAG program. Due to smart data modelling in the new version this was brought back to 1 second on the same computer system (stand-alone at first, later running in a LAN).
    After the rebuild was completed René, has maintained, supported and added new functionality to this BAG system until Fokker Aircraft went bankrupt in 1995.

    BAG3 screenshot

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Planned features

  • Complete Crystal Reports based reporting enabling customers to customize the reports (v2.9).
  • Mark damages on barcode reader.
  • Stock counting using barcode readers (iso report).
  • Reservations
  • ...
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