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On this page you can obtain the latest Tool Management System documents and some TMS add-ons.



online support module

Use our support program to let us help you. Download and start the program and contact us for the session number. TMS v2.6+ has this functionality build in. To use it select Help-->Support--Start Remote Support.
Download OSO remote support (1.7MB)


Installation and technical information

User manuals

  • TMS version 2.x getting started guide (EN); Apr. 2005, 676kB.
    Since 80% of software manuals are not read because of an abundance of self explanatory information we decided for the version 2 manual to focus on 'how to' information in stead of meticulously describe each screen. This 'how to' manual will be supplemented with a special TMS website for on line information and support. Click here to go to the support section of this site.
    The getting started guide explains the essentials and theory behind the program and describes how to perform certain tasks within TMS. We trust that this website complements the getting started guide over time.
  • TMS WinCE user manual (EN); jan. 2012, 391kB
    Instructions on how to use the TMS barcode reader software.
  • TMS versie 1.00 handleiding (NL); Aug. 2000, 1.1MB.
    Complete Dutch manual of TMS version 1.00. This manual doesn't cover the new features introduced in later versions (see history)


Add-ons are used to add features to TMS that are specifically designed for a customer or from 3rd parties. It also allows adding new features to TMS without having to completely update the TMS program which is sometimes difficult in large organisations with rigorous change management procedures. A user can configure which TMS Add-ons will be used in the configuration screen (File>Configuration, Add-On tab). The add-ons will appear in the Extra menu.
  • TMS SQL backup (2.01 build 11, sep.2013)

Add-on to backup the SQL server TMS database and the TMS related documents. In an IT controlled environment the TMS database and documents will automatically back-upped. But in stand-alone configurations with a local SQL server (express) edition you can use this add-on to backup TMS yourself to a network share, USB device or even cloud storage like SkyDrive.

Download TMS_Backup (51kB)

  • TMS Set Last Inspection Date (1.20 build 16, jul.2013)

Use this add-on to set the last inspection date for one or more items to a specific date. Normally TMS maintains and logs the inspection dates automatically when you return an item from inspection to production again. But if you start working with or migrate to TMS you probably have tools that already have an inspection history. You can use this add-on to explicitly set this former inspection date and TMS will pick-up the original inspection schedule.

Download TMS_SLID  (24kB)


  • TMS Copy Cluster (1.00.4, okt.2004)

The Copy Cluster add-on allows you to use the content of an existing cluster to create a new cluster. Only non-serialized items are copied into the new cluster. Please be aware of the fact that your total stock amount will increase with the number of non-serialized items added. Add serialized items later on

Download TMS_CopyCluster (16kB)

  • TMS Crystal Reports printing (1.03.15, dec.2007)

  • The Crystal Reports printing add-on will enable you to open reports created with Crystal Reports and designed for TMS. With this option, site specific reports can easily be added to TMS. This add-on is applicable for TMS version 2.5x users only; version 2.6 has this functionality build-in.

    Download TMS_CrPrint (23kB)





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