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Tool Management System service agreement

Object Software Ontwikkeling BV provides one of month of installation and end user support when TMS is delivered. After that period you can continue to rely on support for TMS with the TMS service agreement which also allows you to acquire and use the latest TMS version. Object Software will respond within 8 hours to your question or problem and reply or try to solve this as soon as possible.


Theatre Props and Worker System (TPW)

The Theatre Props and Workers System has been adapted from the Tool Management System for Companions Opera in the Netherlands to manage their props on their huge stadium opera's throughout Europe and to control access to the site and manage the distribution of catering meals while on location. Though derived from TMS this system has a bunch of other features to accommodate the access control and catering registration with barcode readers.

The TPW programs have been designed to achieve the following goals:

  1. Plan, control and register the access of employees at the theatre site.
  2. Plan and register the consumption of catered meals and beverages.
  3. Manage the status and whereabouts of props and other equipment.
  4. Identify and trace back the type and owner/storage of materials.

Theatre Props and Worker screenshot (click to zoom in)

Please call or mail us for more information about this software.


KeyLink for Formula or CypherLab


CypherLBA CPT8000 barcode readerThe purpose of KeyLink for Formula is to download information stored in a Datalogic Formula Barcode Reader that is running a PowerGen/EasyGen application to a PC and present the data to the receiving PC application as keystrokes. In this way you can easily connect the handheld terminal to any Windows application even if is not specifically designed to be used with a Datalogic Formula barcode reader. The macro facility before- and after transmitting the data allows you to prepare and finalize the receiving application for the data. KeyLink for CypherLAB is the variant for CypherLAB barcode readers. It is a bit more limited in functionality due to limitations of the reader itself.

Go to the KeyLink for Formula manual or the KeyLink for CypherLAB manual to find more information on these products. Click here to download demo versions of both applications.


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