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The purpose of the Tool Management System (TMS in short) is to register and manage the hand out (issue), lending and maintenance of objects like tools. It is intended for use in industrial environments like refineries and workshops where tool rooms provide (special) tools for employees so the work can continue and can be done safely. In these environments, tools must always be available and in a proper state. A registration of who lends what is needed to be able to call back tools for, for instance, inspection and to get a grip on the expenditure.
An unlimited number of serialized and non-serialized objects can be assigned to an unlimited number of employees and events like damages, inspections and repairs tracked. TMS can utilize independent handheld barcode readers to register the lend, issue and return of items to employees. The TMS PC application provides several screens and reports to show you the current state and statistics of the tools and gives you complete control over the administration.

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Short feature list

  • Administer the borrowing of tools
  • Register the the hand out of consumables
  • Stock administration
  • Handle both serialized and non-serialized tools
  • Control clusters (toolboxes with other items)
  • Handling of damages, missing items and repairs
  • Handling of recurring inspections and checks
  • Uses independent barcode readers
  • Barcode label printing
  • History of all events
  • Store information and documents of tools
  • Various management information reports

Go to the complete feature list to look at the Tool Management System features in more detail.


Toolrooms using TMS

  • ExxonMobil Belgium; 4 sites
  • ExxonMobil Netherlands; 3 sites
  • ExxonMobil United Kingdom; 2 sites
  • ExxonMobil Norway; 1 site
  • NedTrain Services Netherlands; 3 sites
  • ElectraBel Belgium; 1 site
  • Hess AAC Systems BV (previously Stork Bouwtechniek); 1 site
  • Nesté Oil Netherlands; 1 site


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